Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It is hard to believe that it is November 29th and we have yet to have any significant snow and really any really cold temperatures. Therefore we have been able to keep doing a bit of field work keeping scrapers going as well as other outside projects. This week we started adding to the dike around the yard, can't be too prepard for what spring may bring!

Adding to the dike around the yard

Scrappers have been in full force all fall working on the yard

As you can see it doesn't quite look like winter just yet around here and we will continue to take advantage until it comes as we all know it will!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Welcome to our new BLOG!

Welcome to our newly updated website and now BLOG! Come here often to check out what all is going on at KTM Farm!

Since our most recent activity was harvest i'll give a little recap. This fall was really quite kind to us as far as weather goes so things moved along quite quickly which is good for everyone!

Wheat harvest-

Hauling straw bales to Masonite Primeboard

Brady and the next generation

A dry fall meant a very dusty soybean harvest.

Corn Harvest

Trying out John Deeres new combine

Sugar Beet Harvest-

That summarizes the fall harvest. Now we are taking advantage of the nice fall weather and continuing some field work while we can to be best prepared for spring. There is always something going on around here!!