Friday, January 20, 2012


Wouldn't you know that since it's been a fairly mild winter thus far for us that the week we need to haul some beans into Brushvale Seed that winter finally shows up and makes a presence known by dropping the otherwise tolerable temperature down to just about intolerable!! Luckily here in ND it isn't something new to experience.

What has to be done has to be done so out the guys were loading beans...

Also in the last few weeks we have been getting ready for spring by filling up the bins at Brushvale so the beans are all ready to be run through the seed treater before planting. Seems so far off yet not really in the grand scheme of things!

As always there is lots going on in the shop this time of year and the guys remain busy each week with various equipment to go through. No one wanted their picture taken so I will spare them at least this week.

The office remains a busy place as well, not many days are too dull around here. Once in awhile it helps to bring in some additional staff to help answer phones and do some paperwork.

Whitney (Heidi and Grant) helping Grandpa Kelly organize his desk