Sunday, December 9, 2012

It never ends..

With harvest ending so early in October this fall gave way to be more productive preparing for 2013 crop as well as getting some work done in the yard.

With the forgiving weather we were able to get fertilizer spread.

 As well as all the ground got worked...

Some days tillage maintenance is more extensive than others.
 Once the field work was in good shape it was time to get to work on the yard. We had planned to move the old shop across the yard to be used as the agronomy shed which will hold our chemical, fill water trucks, etc. The pad was prepared and poured..

Once the pad for the old shop was ready we wanted to get the yard raised a bit more to be level with the's a labor intensive process hauling in clay, spreading fabric, gravel, and leveling it all.

It is raised up now level to the shop, this is the slope it was when we started.
 Once the yard was ready it was time to move the old shop...with the weather forcast set to change the crew came in and had it moved the same day while it was snowing.

New home!

Makes the front of the shop look quite different now

There is still more work to be done in the yard and we will raise the front of the shop where the old shop sat so everything is level but think it will have to wait as now winter is upon us. More progress outside in the yard will be made next year, we are looking forward to having a central agronomy hub  in the old shop ready for use this spring. For now it will be winter projects..including the blog master to study the camera manual to take better pictures especially in the North Dakota lack of quality light (some of these are a bit dark).

Friday, October 19, 2012

2012 Havest is complete

The 2012 havest is officially complete! Everything went smooth and we were able to start and finish quite early this year. Have a little bit of fertilizer to spread, ditching and some tillage to complete and field work should be in good shape.

We begin with soybean harvest, can see how dry it is with all the dust.

Then moved right on to corn harvest, again dust. Grain was dry as well!

Sugar beet harvest went along the same time as corn...a few heat shut downs then followed with some freeze shut downs things went a bit slow at times because of that yet went smooth and had a good quality crop to harvest.

We completed harvest last weekend with corn finishing up on Saturday night then beets Sunday.

Once all harvest equipment is parked it's on to the wash bay.


Another successful harvest season on the books....until next year!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Lots to do before there is lots more to do!

In the last week or so we have been keeping busy hauling clay for the yard and hauling corn out of our bins and to it's final destination.

First that little yard project we have going has been going pretty smoothly...

Hauling corn...slowly but surely it's getting where it needs to go.

Corn and Soybeans are not too far off now from harvesting!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sugarbeet Pre-Harvest

Pre-lift is here...incredibly EARLY!! We are lifting beets this week, mostly getting fields headlands off and opening up lands so are ready for main harvest in early October (we hope).

Use the carts to open up lands

Making adjustments

Happy to be lifting beets!

If it is dry and opened up the trucks can drive out into the field under the lifter

Monday, August 6, 2012

Wheat Harvest Complete

We rapped up wheat harvest last week! Things ran very well and we are happy with the way the first crop harvest just have to get through the next harvest phase which will be sooner than we think!

Every morning before starting out we have a meeting...obviously this was an intese one.

Once the "new operator nerves" wore off Roy is our most improved operator

Behind the combines we drop straw and bale it

The "fluffer" flipping the straw over to dry in the morning

Stacking bales on the end of field

Loading to haul to Primeboard