Friday, October 19, 2012

2012 Havest is complete

The 2012 havest is officially complete! Everything went smooth and we were able to start and finish quite early this year. Have a little bit of fertilizer to spread, ditching and some tillage to complete and field work should be in good shape.

We begin with soybean harvest, can see how dry it is with all the dust.

Then moved right on to corn harvest, again dust. Grain was dry as well!

Sugar beet harvest went along the same time as corn...a few heat shut downs then followed with some freeze shut downs things went a bit slow at times because of that yet went smooth and had a good quality crop to harvest.

We completed harvest last weekend with corn finishing up on Saturday night then beets Sunday.

Once all harvest equipment is parked it's on to the wash bay.


Another successful harvest season on the books....until next year!

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