Friday, June 22, 2012

Watching Everything Grow...

Hello from KTM Farm! Been steady busy around here. In the last week we had around 2" of rain which was much needed and the crops all are looking FABULOUS! So hopefully the weather keeps cooperating and we can get the spraying done we need to as well as keeping things growing as they have been. Here is the stage everything is in as of today.

Wheat South of the yard

Trying to show how tall the corn is..almost taller than my yard stick!
Who says it's not knee high till the 4th of July!!

First planted field of soybeans, just starting to see a few flowers


Not too long until they will fill the row (30" rows)

 So there you have the latest on the crop stages thus far and everything is looking very good out there!!

Along with the field work we have a little yard project going on this summer...

The shed sits lower than shop now and is kind of in the way so we figure move it to a new home.

One mile away sits these beauties and they made room for one more to fit perfectly.

So we got it all cleaned out and ready to split up

Split in two

They got it lifted up today and ready to roll out of here next week!

Loaded up

Moves in two parts

Once the shed is all settled in more pictures will be up. Be interesting how it will get over there in one piece.

Until next time this is what will be happening in full force (hopefully at least) around here...

Mark spraying soybeans

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